Secure IIoT Gateway with LoRaWAN, PLC and Edge Computing!

Make sure your IIoT gateway includes Edge Computing capabilities

Planning an Industrial IoT project rollout? Make sure your IIoT gateway includes Edge Computing capabilities. Why? You’ll cut down the number of devices you need to deploy and earn higher reliability, lower latency and better security when transferring data to and from multiple remote sites.

Here’s how

When enhanced with Edge Computing, the IIoT gateway handles much more than secure networking. RAD’s SecFlow-1v industrial IoT gateway, is also used to perform IIoT-specific, non-networking functions.

The SecFlow-1v-LoRa, for example, is best-in-class, secure industrial IoT gateway with Edge computing that leverages license-free LoRa LPWAN technology for water and power utilities, smart cities, transportation and many other verticals. It collects data from LoRa sensors and meters and securely delivers it to cloud servers via fiber, Ethernet, 3G/ LTE cellular or unlicensed microwave radio. LoRaWAN eliminates wiring, is easy to deploy and does not need any licenses. It reduces the energy consumption of connected objects while giving them more than 10 years of autonomy by exchanging small data at low speed.

If it’s PLC functionality you need, there’s the SecFlow-1v-PLC. It features PLC capabilities and makes the external PLC redundant. This has a two-fold advantage: Less boxes and overall better cyber security, as no one can physically access the PLCs since they are fully contained within the IIoT gateway. With built-in security and high-availability for applications controlling mission-critical operations, it presents an all-in-one solution for automation applications in the oil and gas, water and power utilities, industry 4.0 and building automation sectors. Securely connect digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, Ethernet/IP or serial RTUs, cameras, and more over LTE or fiber networks – either public or private

Download Specs

   SecFlow-1v highlights include:

  • Hosting of third-party software using container technology
  • Multiservice support: GbE copper and fiber, serial, Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Single or dual cellular mode, dual SIM
  • Dynamic routing and secure VPN
  • Full cyber security suite
  • Serial protocol handling with transparent tunneling/protocol conversion/terminal server
  • Zero-touch provisioning, firewall configuration, fault management and reporting
  • Digital and analog IOs with integrated RTU/PLC functionality
  • LoRaWAN gateway for remote sensors aggregation
  • IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 and EN 50121-4


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